We redefine the standards of air and surface disinfection


We improve the quality of human life, by making the spaces where we live, learn, work and play a lot safer

We all breathe safer air with the help of science

Purification and disinfection with UV-C light


UV-C light disinfection and purification systems increase safety and reduce the risk of infection at work and in clinical environments

We provide solutions adapted to your needs at company and institution levels

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We bring innovation technology and autonomous robots into everyday life and offer the most effective methods for inactivating pathogens


Made in Romania

We are the first Romanian manufacturer of smart devices and mobile robots for air and surface sanitation and disinfection with UVC light, suitable for medical, commercial, transportation, education and business sectors.

With WOLF-e ROBOTICS we redefine the uncertainty of the present in a safer, healthier future, without worries about viruses and infections. In the world we define with the help of smart devices, people and businesses can feel safer and closer to each other. We are building a better world in the new normal.

We are facing today serious airborne transmission of diseases, from healthcare-associated infections (HAI) to the new reality of a global virus infection. These are clearly a cause of morbidity and mortality with a particularly strong impact both socially and economically.

In the world we define with the help of smart devices, people and businesses can feel safer and closer to each other. We are building a better world in the new normal.


Prevents infections, the spread of viruses and bacteria

Removes 99.99% of pathogens from any environment

Smart UV disinfection system


Smart UV air purifier

We bring wireless control through a mobile app, for easy operation and increased safety. Recommended both for professional use (in crowded spaces), and for domestic use.


UV air purifier

A device that allows safe air purification in the presence of people at a competitive price, with manual control, recommended both for professional and domestic use.

Bacteria are a single cell and rely on their DNA to live. The principle behind UVC light devices is to instantly inactivate the DNA of these cells.




Inactivates over 99.99% of microorganisms on surfaces and in the air, ensuring safe and healthy spaces. This is the most powerful autonomous robot for disinfection with UV-C light.Our mobile robots allow the optimization of daily surface disinfection operations, bringing a level of automation that cannot be achieved by traditional methods. Recommended for professional use.

Optimizes daily surface and air disinfection operations

through a level of automation and repeatability that cannot be achieved by traditional methods. Provides presence detection for increased safety and ease of operation.


Scan to see a list of nearby devices and log in.

The most powerful battery installed on an autonomous UV-C robot

Recommended for professional use in hospitals, clinics, dental offices, medical recovery centers, hotels, schools, kindergartens, office buildings, industrial halls, airports, or other similar spaces.

Very narrow robotic base that allows movement in any space

Real-time device and sensor information.


How we work

We design and produce smart devices and mobile robots for the purification and sanitisation of air and enclosed surfaces, at the highest quality and safety standards.

We focus on sisteme personalizate, customized systems, offering the most suitable solutions and thus helping our customers to be efficient in their daily cleaning and disinfection routines, with increased productivity.

Companies, institutions and NGOs that are concerned about the health and safety of their staff, or even private individuals can benefit from our knowledge and the systems we produce.

Our goal is to provide the most relevant information that can lead to the best purchase and usage decisions.

WOLF-e ROBOTICS specialists perform measurements of micro-aeroflora, validate the efficiency of procedures through certified tests, provide advice both for procurement and for long-term subscription contracts, at the most advantageous price.

If you want to see how it works and understand the latest technologies, apply for a DEMO Session and we will visit your headquarters to give you a practical demonstration, FOC.

WOLF-e Community members

Our clients are companies from the private and public sectors, public institutions, NGOs that benefit from our experience and competence in the field of disinfection and purification of indoor spaces (both air and surface).

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