Wolf-e Robotics Mobile APP


Scan for and connect to any of Wolf-e Robotics' wireless-enabled devices.

Once paired with a Wolf-e Robotics device that supports Bluetooth, you have full control over all the device's functions.


  • scan for nearby Wolf-e Robotics devices via Bluetooth and connect to them
  • connect to a device by scanning its QR code
  • view realtime data
  • control all the device's features such as fluorescent tubes, timers, RGB lights and sensors

Currently supported devices:

  • Wolf-e BREEZ: control the RGB lighting, ON/OFF for lamp and fan, change fan speed
  • Wolf-e CoBOT-19: ON/OFF control for the lamps, configure the turn-off timer, view motion-sensor events

This app requires a Wolf-e Robotics device with Bluetooth capabilities to function.



"Scanning for devices" doesn't find my device

- double check that Bluetooth (and location/GPS on Android devices) are enabled on your phone before starting a scan

- make sure your Wolf-e Robotics device is plugged in before scanning.

- the range for a Bluetooth device is around 10 meters with line of sight. If there are walls between you and the device, the range will be severely reduced. Make sure you are in range of the device you want to control.

- the scanner will ONLY show Wolf-e Robotics devices nearby

- the app only works on devices that support the Bluetooth LE (low energy) standard, it may not work on some older phones even if they are Bluetooth-enabled (but only support older Bluetooth standards)


Sending commands is laggy

- command lag is usually a sign of poor signal quality. Check the signal indicator next to the device name to see the signal quality


The motion sensor on my CoBOT-19 device is too sensitive

- the motion sensor is intentionally set up to be sensitive to prevent any incidents where people walk in while the device is active. We do not recommend altering the device in any way that will make the sensors less sensitive


QR code scanning doesn't work

- if your device does not recognize QR codes while in QR scanning mode, try altering the distance between your camera and the device, often times QR code scanning will be inaccurate if done too close or too far. Ideal distance is around 1meter

- clean your camera lens to make sure it gets a good image

- if your code is recognized, but the app does not connect to the device make sure it's plugged in and in range


If you encounter any other issues or have feedback, please contact us using the information below:

E-mail: office@wolfe.ro


The Wolf-e Robotics app is created and managed by:

Wolf-e Robotics SRL

VAT Code: RO42499535

HQ: Rezervoarelor nr. 2, Corp C6, Incintele 33 si 35, Ploiesti, Prahova, Romania