Autonomous robots equipped for courier tasks are becoming significant game-changers in various settings such as commercial buildings, hospitals, schools, and HORECA. They optimize logistic processes, improve the front desk work experience, and establish a unique work environment where technology seamlessly collaborates with human personnel.


Integrated smart delivery management system within buildings (hospitals, schools, shopping centers, businesses, logistics warehouses, etc.) – especially suitable for large spaces, structures of up to 100,000 square meters.
Automation and digitization are already permeating every aspect of daily operations, including internal logistics areas, business buildings, and goods and parcel distribution within hospitals or companies.

  • Display
  • Fast Deposit
  • Real-time access to robot status
  • No need for training

Orientation in space: 360 Degree sensors, movement in any direction
optimal route identification, precise navigation

Automatic navigation
10 types of high-precision sensors, 2 3D cameras,
gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetic sensor

Deliver 2 orders per trip, which doubles the efficiency

Suitable movement for fragile things, adaptation to
floor or various passages between interior spaces

Smart avoidance of obstacles

Mobile application

Size: 52*48*120cm

Weight: 55KG

Tray capacity: 112L

Autonomy: 10 h

Speed: 0.1-1.2 m/s

Maximum load: 30 Kg

Equipped with 3D LiDAR, 2D LiDAR, 3D Depth Camera, Air Pressure Sensor

Mobile application


Simple, modern and practical aesthetics with an emphasis on functionality; design with double drawers



Optimal route planning in real time; multi-robot collaboration and multi-tasking; average delivery time less than 8 min.


Reduction of staff-related expenses, its recruitment and training

Remote Control

Remotely activate, pause or stop the cleaning task or control the movement of the robot from your smartphone.

Part of WOLF-e community

Our partners are private sector companies, state-owned companies, public institutions, NGOs who benefit from the experience and professionalism of the WOLF-e ROBOTICS team in the field of disinfection and purification of indoor spaces (air and surfaces)