Wolf BOT

WOLF-e ROBOTICS brings technological innovations and autonomous robots into everyday reality and offer you the most efficient methods of inactivating pathogens

Smart filtering and purification with UV-C light

A fleet of mobile disinfection robots allows the optimization of daily space disinfection operations, bringing a level of automation and repeatability that cannot be achieved by traditional methods

Manager can configure points of interest

In the device configuration phase, optimized routes are created and exposure times are calculated for each space.

The operator can choose the operations from the list in the APP

The operator can choose the task from a list and possibly assist the robot in navigating. The robot will navigate on its own and turn on / off the lamps accordingly

UV-C disinfection solutions increase safety and reduce the risk of infection in the workplace and in the clinical environment:

  • Destroys 99.99% of bacteria and viruses

  • Reduces infections up to 82% *

  • 25% more efficient compared to chemical disinfection *

  • Easy training for employees: modern mobile application

  • 10min per each room

Autonomous navigation, automatic real-time mapping of spaces

The highest UV-C power installed on an autonomous robot

The most powerful battery cells installed on a stand-alone UV-C robot

Easy control and management access for each operator through mobile application

100% control for the manager, through a complex desktop platform

Time-proven industrial robotic base with thousands of operating units worldwide

Sistem de management centralizat al operațiunilor de dezinfecție

Traceability on all operations performed

Automatic disabling for motion detection: 4 presence sensors: 360 ° coverage

UV-C system designed and made in Romania


Front and side sensors (LIDAR) detect obstacles during movement

Four 360 ° motion sensors that turns off the lamps if motion is detected during operation

Front bumper stops the robot if it hits an obstacle

4 rear sonar units, light discs, voice alerts

ISO EN1525, JIS D6802 and ANSI B56.5


10 PHILIPS lamps with high irradiance, which generates no ozone, ensure a 360 ° germicidal effect in short cycles.


The internal battery allows continuous operation of the lamps for 3 hours.

Mapping space is very easy with the help of the robot

Navigation can be activated with a single click on the operator’s device


For basic scenarios, the system can operate in a reduced mode, but it can also be extended and integrated with complex systems such as fleet management, building automation, WMS, ERP, and MES.

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Air / surfaces disinfection

Destroys microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and viruses, including Coronaviruses


The highest UV-C power installed on an autonomous robot


Automatic disabling for motion detection: 4 presence sensors: 360 ° coverage


Disinfects without chemicals. UV-C light is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

Part of WOLF-e community

Our partners are private sector companies, state-owned companies, public institutions, NGOs who benefit from the experience and professionalism of the WOLF-e ROBOTICS team in the field of disinfection and purification of indoor spaces (air and surfaces)