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UV light is a component of the electromagnetic spectrum that falls in the region between visible light and X-Rays. Unlike the visible light, the ultraviolet spectrum is not visible to the human eye, having a wavelength that is too short.
WOLF-e ROBOTICS UV-C devices specifically use the 253.7nm wavelength, which is scientifically proven to cause photochemical damage to the DNA and RNA of viruses and bacteria. This biological damage inactivates the cell and prevents reproduction, hence the ability to be infectious. Germicidal efficacy is determined by the total dose of radiation to which the surface is exposed ("fluence"), which is a product of the light intensity and exposure time .
For SARS-COV-2 a recent study issued by Boston University (2020) determined that a dose of 5 mJ/cm2 is enough for 99% inactivation of the SARS-COV-2 virus, and a dose of 22 mJ/cm2 for 99.9999 % inactivation.
Air disinfection devices with hidden lamps inside the case are safe to use around people, as long as they use UVC lamps from registered manufacturers that do not produce significant amounts of ozone. Surface disinfection devices with exposed lamps (visible on the outside of the device) can only be used safely if equipped with extra tools, such as presence sensors that automatically turn off the lamp if they detect movement nearby. Operators should also be trained to use these devices safely, only in spaces with no human presence. All devices produced by Wolf-e Robotics apply these safety measures and are therefore safe to be used in public spaces, in compliance with safety regulations.
Devices sold by online retailers, such as eMAG, Amazon and Alibaba, are not regulated for their UV radiance, and devices sold as UV-C emitters cannot be guaranteed to operate as described. UV resources and devices must be purchased from reputable, reliable suppliers. Please consult your supplier and follow the IUVA guide for more info. Link:
UVC radiation damages skin and eyes. Do not look straight into UV light and do not expose any part of your body directly to the light produced by a UV lamp. Ultraviolet radiation should not be used and is not intended for direct disinfection of the human body.
Studies have shown that UV light at wavelengths of 254 nm-265 nm disrupts the process of DNA / RNA replication in cells. Ozone is a toxic chemical produced by 185nm UV light that interacts with oxygen in the air, disinfecting it just like any chemical disinfectant. As ozone depletes over time, it can be corrosive and its effects on the objects must be understood before use. It is also a lung irritant and is regulated by NIOSH as a known safety hazard. Wolf-e Robotics devices use only UV resources that operate at 254nm and do not produce ozone.
Most people seem to be familiar with the term "watts" (from light bulbs and electricity bills); but probably not with the term "joules" (a metric measurement term). In short, both are used to measure energy in any form (e.g. electricity as well as light): a Watt is a unit of power or the rate which energy is consumed per unit time W = J/s .A Joule is a unit related to energy or work performed on a system J = W * s.
WOLF-e ROBOTICS air purifiers do not affect indoor plants in any way, so there is nothing to worry about. Our smart devices for domestic use are especially designed not to affect the plants, people or pets present in all indoor spaces.

We all breathe safer air with the help of science

  • Produs
  • Breez
  • Volum aer filtrat: 182,5 mc/oră
  • Timp necesar: 25 min / cameră
  • Construcție: Oțel gavanizat, inox(opțional)
  • Lungime undă: 254 nm (spectrul UV-C)
  • Control: Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / Buton fizic
  • Moduri de lucru: Manual / Temporizator
  • Lumină ambientală: RGB + animaţii, 2 zone (sus/jos)
  • Display*: Informații despre calitatea aerului*
  • Produs
  • CoBOT-19
  • Lămpi de putere mare, acoperire 360° - timp de expunere scurt
  • Sistem de management centralizat al operațiunilor de dezinfecție
  • Control de la distanță prin aplicație mobilă în limba română
  • Telefon mobil inclus enterprise-grade pentru rularea aplicației
  • Decuplare automată la detecția de mișcării: 4 senzori de prezență, acoperire 360°
  • Ușor de curățat, ușor instalat si exploatat
  • Opțional: poate fi construit din inox
  • Opțional: poate fi dotat cu baterii