Clean floors with autonomous robots

We simplify work methods and make professional floor cleaning much easier, without the need for human intervention. Autonomous robots integrate different cleaning modules, which gives unprecedented versatility and usability for washing and disinfecting spaces with different types of floors. To perceive environmental changes in real time thanks to sensors, the robo will allow the map of spaces and reconfigure the route – no one needs to be next to them to help them not get stuck. In addition to charging stations, robots can charge themselves and can be integrated with elevator systems for extended autonomy between building floors. They also offer remote access through the mobile app, which allows cleaning tasks to be monitored from anywhere.



Vaccum 40

Scrubber 50

Scrubber 75


Suction | Sweep | Washing | Dry mop for dust

Edge and corner cleaning – 100%

Optional air disinfection and deodorization kits

Self-charging with water and power through the docking station

Automatic brush height adjustment based on
the types of flooring encountered, all in real time