Air disinfection

UV-C light disinfection, filtration and purification systems increase safety and the risk of infection in the workplace and clinical environment.


beam is the device for continuous disinfection of the air and performs up to 12 equivalent air / hour exchanges Intra-hospital or nosocomial infections represent…

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Restore the safety and confidence of people to use crowded elevators. In addition to reducing the risk of infection, the device is an addition that…

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aer 500+

air 500+ device combines UV-C technology with high-flow but quiet fans to provide the safety of disinfected air in rooms up to 110sqm. It can…

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aer S

aer S devices brings the new feature of monitoring and controling the devices within the WOLF-e Robotics platform Intra-hospital or nosocomial infections represent a important public…

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AER device brings UV technology into the 21st century and makes it accessible to a large number of beneficiaries. The efficient design allows the safe…

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Breez takes UV technology into the twenty-first century by incorporating innovations such as air quality monitoring and wireless control. Intra-hospital or nosocomial infections represent a…

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