With the #DAaaS subscription you can focus on the Company’s activity and grow your business. No bureaucracy with multiple vendors. No warranty or maintenance issues. Costs and cash flow are 100% predictable. Everything is included in the subscription, without any additional costs, so that you receive full benefits at the highest quality standards. In addition, you are guaranteed to save money, as you will have a fixed monthly rate for the entire contract period, which can range from 12 to 24 months.

We bring our expertise, we define your objectives in a clear and concrete way. We go into any physical space, we collect basic information about the characteristics and use of the building and we can design a customized solution that maximizes risk reduction in that specific space. The end result is unprecedented effectiveness, which produces better monumental health outcomes for the people occupying the space.

We bring our expertise and based on the objectives set together we can design concrete and customized solutions for any space and any needs. The design is at an advanced level in AUTOCAD with a complete team of specialists – product designer – architect, engineer, air quality specialist, interior designer. We can take over projects from the first stage of design or we can intervene after the building has been put into use. Regardless of the stage at which we are contracted, the solutions identified and implemented are at the level of excellence and guarantee long-term functionality.

We are Romanian manufacturing company. We have a factory near Ploiești and a complete team of specialists, which allows us maximum flexibility in offering (designing and manufacturing) customized solutions, adapted exactly to the needs of our customers.