Subscription based services

Rental of UV air and surface disinfection devices

Indoor spaces are often much more contaminated compared to the outdoor environment, so we believe that it is very important to pay hogh attention to disinfection of air and surfaces. Companies and businesses are gradually beginning to adopt a hybrid working behavior - office and WFH, and the mental and physical safety of employees must remain a priority. Check out our offers tailormade for the business sector: the “Disinfected Air as a Service” - disinfected and clean air and surfaces, with UV technology. We provide greatest benefits at the highest quality standards. In addition, you save money, of you choose a subscription with a fixed monthly rate for the entire contract period, which can vary between 12 and 24 months.



We guarrantee predictive and corrective maintenance, changing UV filters and resources, as well as continuous operation of the devices within the subscription. We take care of everything, in real time, so that everyone in your company can benefit from clean, healthy air and a safe working environment!



With the #DAaaS subscription you can focus on your company's activity and grow your business. No bureaucracy with the administration of several suppliers. No warranty or maintenance issues. Costs and cash flow are 100% predictable. Everything is included in the subscription, with no additional costs.

Smart devices


We offer the best air purifiers and disinfection devices for a healthy work environment and improved productivity! We specialize in air quality management and minimizing the spread of infections with viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Clean and fresh air.

Benefits for your organization:

  • Clean and sanitized air
  • 99.9% inactivation of viruses, bacteria and fungi
  • Increased health and productivity
  • Minimum investment and predictable costs
  • Savings
  • Maintenance included - everything made easy for your business
  • 0 downtime / Zero interruptions in operation
  • Perfect indoor integration - suitable for any type of indoor design