Conformity. Traceability. Management.

WolfBOT - mapeaza camera

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Mapping of the building

Ensure the conformity of each disinfection, calculating the time according to the power of the device and the size of the room


Enroll and calibrate each UVC device according to the irradiance of UVC sources and their number

User management

Allows creation of accounts for the people responsible for disinfection and ensures the traceability of the processes


Sends notifications when a task has been completed, increasing the staff productivity

Task list

Generates task for employees/users

Notification in case of emergency

Receive notifications when a disinfection cycle has been interrupted by a person entering the operating device


Sends notifications for predictive and corrective maintenance

Multiple devices

Allows the user to set operating parameters to multiple devices at once

The management platform allows it
the hospital administrator to:

  • Enroll and calibrates each UVC device according to the irradiance of UVC sources and their number
  • Enroll unique password-protected accounts of each person responsible for disinfection
  • Enroll the size of the hospital rooms; the system automatically generates a unique QR code that will be attached to each room. When the user scans the code, depending on the irradiance of the device used, the system automatically calculates the time required to apply the dose of UVC set by the hospital (90%, 99%, 99.99% discount, etc.)
  • Create cleaning routines, recurring or not, for any of the enrollees. When entering the shift and logging on to the mobile device, the cleaning manager will be presented with a list of the spaces they need to disinfect, the order, the time, etc. in which he must fulfill them
  • Consult in a dashboard the performance of the employees responsible for cleaning but also any event recorded in the database (eg: when a disinfection was started, if the process of accidental intrusion of a person into space was interrupted, when the process was resumed, when the process has been completed, if any defects have occurred, etc.)
  • Track the lifetime of the sources on each device enrolled in the system. The system sends alerts to each administrator login when the source replacement time is approaching