CoBOT Ultra

CoBOT Ultra is the most powerful UV-C robot in the world!

Ensures disinfection of up to 99.9999% of surfaces and air in the shortest period of time.

In hospitals

Intra-hospital or nosocomial infections represent a important public health problem, being a cause of morbidity and mortality with a great economic and human impact, by prolonging the period of hospitalization and increasing costs.

At work

The new reality of global virus infections determines the need for constant disinfection of the spaces cohabitation of a large number of people: common areas, meeting rooms, elevators, offices, halls, toilets.

Destroys microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and viruses, including Coronaviruses

  • Destroys 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses

  • Reduces infections up to 82% *

  • 25% more efficient compared to chemical disinfection *

  • No training required for use

Highest power installed on a disinfection device, resulting to very fast disinfection cycles

Destroys microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and viruses, Coronaviruses.

Disinfects without chemicals. UV-C light is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

Durable construction: stainless steel

Traceability on all operations performed

Mobilitate: Large 125mm medical grade wheels allow for easy movement

Designed and manufactured in Romania using the highest quality components, industrial grade, RoHS compliant

Dimensions(mm): H 1830 x A 570

Weight: 65kg

UV-C tubes: Philips 325W amalgam

Wave lenght: 253,7 nm (UV-C spectre)

Lifetime of UV-C tubes: 12000 hours

Power: 3250W

Irradiance11050 μW/cm(@ 1m)

Control: remote Wi-Fi / Bluetooth LE

Mode: Automatic detection of the time required to reach the disinfection objective depending on the room

Safety: PIR sensors with 360 coverage, detection distance 10m, the device does not start if the presence of people within range is detected

Control device provided:  8 “, Android, device with the dedicated mobile application installed

wind-solid (1)

Air / surfaces disinfection

Destroys microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and viruses, including Coronaviruses


The highest UV-C power installed on an autonomous robot


Automatic disabling for motion detection: 4 presence sensors: 360 ° coverage

Working mode

Autonomous navigation, automatic real-time mapping of spaces

Part of WOLF-e community

Our partners are private sector companies, state-owned companies, public institutions, NGOs who benefit from the experience and professionalism of the WOLF-e ROBOTICS team in the field of disinfection and purification of indoor spaces (air and surfaces)