We bring tech innovations and autonomous robots into everyday reality and offer the most effective methods for inactivating pathogens


We are WOLF-e ROBOTICS, a Romanian company specialized in the design and manufacture of devices, smart systems and mobile robots for air and surface disinfection and purification.

We started by asking ourselves "How can we help?" , as part of a Social Responsibility Campaign adapted to the reality of 2020, an atypical year, that put us all to the test of resilience and the power of reinvention. We realized that airborne viruses and hospital-acquired infections are a global health and safety issue, so we integrated proven germicidal efficiency of UV-C light into IoT & Software Innovations and created WOLF-e ROBOTICS professional disinfection systems. And this is how awareness became a trigger for moving forward with our business.


We redefine the world in which schools, hospitals, office buildings, hotels, restaurants become safe spaces, where we can meet or work together. We improve working environments, increase the safety and operational efficiency of activities and create a hopeful future, an even better future than the one we thought of before the pandemic.


We believe in dedication and responsibility, team spirit, communication, integrity and respect. Through the way we work, our approach and everything that represents us, we want to become a professional landmark of the best quality, a standard of excellence in the entrepreneurial environment in Romania. We trust technology to safeguard a sustainable and healthy future for all of us.

Whether you are a private or state company, hospital or public institution, our solutions are tailored to your needs.

  • One to five year packages covering all parts and components, including lamps, workforce and software updates (app, platform and firmware)
  • Integrated services: micro-aeroflora test, product purchase advice, service
  • Corporate subscriptions with maintenance included (preventive and corrective)
  • Systems of different levels of power, for all types of interior spaces
  • Air quality specialists
  • Systems manufactured to the highest quality standards
  • Certified systems EN ISO 9001: 2015, Cert.No. 286ROQS
  • 100% guaranteed results, based on certified dosimeters
  • Complete documentation for each WOLF-e ROBOTOCS system
  • DEMO sessions at your office

Make use of our experience and professionalism for impressive results

We are based in Ploiești and can provide the delivery of our products in all locations in Romania and abroad. We offer consultancy in choosing the most suitable systems according to the features of every workspace, we ensure immediate delivery from stock and we can manufacture any disinfection and purification system with UV-C light, according to the needs and requirements of our customers.

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  • Produs
  • Breez
  • Volum aer filtrat: 182,5 mc/oră
  • Timp necesar: 25 min / cameră
  • Construcție: Oțel gavanizat, inox(opțional)
  • Lungime undă: 254 nm (spectrul UV-C)
  • Control: Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / Buton fizic
  • Moduri de lucru: Manual / Temporizator
  • Lumină ambientală: RGB + animaţii, 2 zone (sus/jos)
  • Display*: Informații despre calitatea aerului*
  • Produs
  • CoBOT-19
  • Lămpi de putere mare, acoperire 360° - timp de expunere scurt
  • Sistem de management centralizat al operațiunilor de dezinfecție
  • Control de la distanță prin aplicație mobilă în limba română
  • Telefon mobil inclus enterprise-grade pentru rularea aplicației
  • Decuplare automată la detecția de mișcării: 4 senzori de prezență, acoperire 360°
  • Ușor de curățat, ușor instalat si exploatat
  • Opțional: poate fi construit din inox
  • Opțional: poate fi dotat cu baterii