AER brings UV technology into the 21st century and makes it accessible to a large number of beneficiaries. The efficient design allows safe purification of the air in the presence of people at a competitive price.

  • Durable, metal, anti-vandal construction.
  • Suitable for highly populated indoor areas.
  • Equipped with M5 Class filter that prevents dirt from UV lamps.
  • Purifies the air without harmful chemicals.

No compromise on health

Made in Romania. For Romania.

Specs and functions

  • Filtered air volume: 190 m3 / hour
  • Time required: 25 min / room (30sqm / 75mc)
  • Construction: Galvanized steel, stainless steel (optional)
  • Paint: multiple colors available
  • Fan: Sunon, 220v, 45dBA
  • UV tubes: Philips TUV 55W
  • Wavelength: 256nm (UV-C Spectrum)
  • Number of tubes: 1,2 or 3
  • UV lamp power: 55W / 110W / 165W
  • UV power: 156/312/468 μW / cm2
  • Filter: Class M5 (EN 779: 2012)
  • Working modes: Manual control
  • Safety
    • No ozone generation
    • Integrated safety
    • 100% metallic construction
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"The health and safety of our employees are always at the forefront, so we use "AER " and "CoBOT-19" devices at our offices to disinfect air and surfaces. These devices provide us with an effective method of inactivating microorganisms in the air and surfaces. This way we can safely continue our activity, minimizing the risks related to SARS-CoV-2. We are proud to support Romanian businesses: tech company WOLF-e ROBOTICS has its production in Prahova County" ~INSPET S.A.

"Our goal is to be able to create a microclimate free of viruses, fungi and bacteria, to eliminate the spread of microbes - to create a safe, clean and healthy environment for the animals that are our patients, for their owners and the team of doctors and nurses. There are various methods to do this, but we have chosen the option of disinfection with UVC light. We use modern systems developed and produced in Romania by WOLF-e Robotics. The devices we use are COBOT-19 and AER, which allow purification and permanent disinfection of air and surfaces in common areas and operating rooms. " ~CLINICA ONCOVET

"We are happy to be part of the WOLF-e ROBOTICS community. In the largest medical complex in Romania, where about 1200 people will work, or will be treated as patients, a professional disinfection systemfor air and surfaces is also needed: we successfully use COBOT-19 and Air devices. " ~ENAYATI MEDICAL CITY.