Complete traceability
99.99% disinfection

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  • Produs
  • Breez
  • Volum aer filtrat: 182,5 mc/oră
  • Timp necesar: 25 min / cameră
  • Construcție: Oțel gavanizat, inox(opțional)
  • Lungime undă: 254 nm (spectrul UV-C)
  • Control: Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / Buton fizic
  • Moduri de lucru: Manual / Temporizator
  • Lumină ambientală: RGB + animaţii, 2 zone (sus/jos)
  • Display*: Informații despre calitatea aerului*

CoBOT-19 brings UV technology into the 21st century

offering the necessary features at a convenient price

  • Wireless control through an App running on the dedicated terminal (Equipment included)
  • Web platform for process management and traceability
  • Presence detection for increased safety and ease of operation
  • Accessible price

Designed to be efficient and easy to use

  • Works on normal floors
  • 60 cm space of passage
  • Only one initial training required
  • Reduced cost
  • Intuitive mobile control
  • No ozone generation


The smartphone included in the kit communicates with the web platform to receive tasks and to load all the log-ins for full traceability.


Optional battery to facilitate operations in spaces with no accessible sockets. The entire system can run on an internal battery and be recharged in the outlet.


Four 360 ° motion sensors prevent operation when motion is detected in the room. The app can remote start the device.

WOLF-e ROBOTICS. The reliable partner for health safety.

WOLF-e ROBOTICS provides instructions on how to use the UV-C device, for safe and efficient performance:

  • Training for multiple staff shifts
  • Training of management staff to use the admin and reporting interface


The predictive and corrective maintenance programs offered by WOLF-e ROBOTICS to the highest standards eliminate any possible issues during operation:

  • One to five year kits covering all parts and components, including lamps manpower and software updates (App, platform and firmware)
  • Field visits included, 24/7 phone assistance and annual preventive maintenance checks
  • „CoBOT in exchange” program: WOLF-e ROBOTICS sends a replacement device to minimize repair or maintenance time
  • Consulting for an optimal buying strategy.

Health matters

""The health and safety of our employees are always at the forefront, so we use "AER " and "CoBOT-19" devices at our offices to disinfect air and surfaces. These devices provide us with an effective method of inactivating microorganisms in the air and surfaces. This way we can safely continue our activity, minimizing the risks related to SARS-CoV-2. We are proud to support Romanian businesses: tech company WOLF-e ROBOTICS has its production in Prahova County." ~INSPET S.A.

"We are happy to be part of the WOLF-e ROBOTICS community. In the largest medical complex in Romania, where about 1200 people will work, or will be treated as patients, a professional disinfection systemfor air and surfaces is also needed: we successfully use COBOT-19 and Air devices. " ~ENAYATI MEDICAL CITY