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We are WOLF-e ROBOTICS, a Romanian company specialized in designing and manufacturing devices, smart systems and mobile robots for disinfectation and purification of air and surfaces

We started with the question “What can we do to help?” , as part of a Social Responsibility Campaign adapted to the reality of 2020, an atypical year, which put us all to the test of resilience and the power of reinvention. We have all realized that nosocomial viruses and infections are a global health and safety issue, and in doing so, we have integrated the proven germicidal effect of UV-C light with IoT Innovations & Software and we created WOLF-e ROBOTICS systems for professional disinfection. This is where the whole story of WOLF-e ROBOTICS started, from awareness.

 Wolfe Robotics Team

Ravan Preda | Wolf-e ROBOTICS |
Renate Nenciu | Wolf-e ROBOTICS |
Stefan Toma | Wolf-e ROBOTICS |
Alexandra Carlsson | Wolf-e ROBOTICS |
Octavian Iosif | Wolf-e ROBOTICS |

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Our partners are private sector companies, state-owned companies, public institutions, NGOs who benefit from the experience and professionalism of the WOLF-e ROBOTICS team in the field of disinfection and purification of indoor spaces (air and surfaces)