In Romanian hospital environments, where UVC disinfection equipment is frequently found, the protocol that makes the use of this technology 100% efficient does not exist, is not known of, or is not followed.

WOLF-e Robotics

Device management platform

Automation of disinfection routines

Complete traceability



Medical staff who perform terminal disinfection routines do not know the rules of efficient operation of the devices, such as the relationship between power vs. time of use, acting only on directly irradiated surfaces, without counting the reflection coefficient for shaded surfaces.

There is no traceability on disinfection routines.

There is no safety protocol for users and people who may accidentally come into contact with the devices during operation.


Recording the operating time of the devices is made in a register, this creates inefficiencies and raises questions about the accuracy of the completed data (all cleaning cycles must be summed up to the 9,000-12,000 hours, depending on the lifespan of the installed UVC sources)

The operator sets an operating time, usually 15 minutes per room, which has no scientific basis or efficiency behind it.

We have adapted an innovative system that is behind our entire product line to bring up to date any UVC disinfection equipment owned by hospitals. It is now no longer necessary to allocate considerable sums for the purchase of modern and high-tech devices to achieve the disinfection objectives set by any care unit.

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What our system is made of

The hardware component, an IoT that controls the device remotely, is equipped with sensors that prevent it from operating near people and interrupts operation if it detects the presence of people nearby.

Management platform, which allows the hospital administrator to:

  • Enroll and calibrate each UVC device according to the irradiation and number of UVC sources/lamps
  • Enroll unique password-protected accounts of each person responsible for disinfection
  • Enroll the size of the hospital rooms; the system automatically generates a unique QR code that will be attached to each room. When the user scans the code, depending on the UV light power of the device, the system automatically calculates the time required to apply the dose of UVC set by the hospital (90%, 99%, 99.99% efficiency, etc.)
  • Create cleaning routines, with recurrence, for any enrolled medical staff. When starting the work shift and logging into the mobile device, the cleaning manager will show a list of the spaces he/she has to disinfect, as well as the order, and the time needed for completion.
  • Follow a dashboard with the cleaning staff's performance, but also any event recorded in the database (eg: when a disinfection process started, if accidental entrance in a space was interrupted, when the process was resumed, when the process was completed, any possible errors, etc.)
  • Track the life of the UVC sources on each device enrolled in the system. The system sends alerts each time the administrator logs in if any UVC source replacements are due.
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Through the mobile app users can:

  • Access their dashboard
  • View the list of tasks to be completed during their shifts
  • Remotely and securely control Wolf-e Robotics smart devices
  • Determine the exposure time of the device when sanitizing a space that is not already enrolled in the platform by scanning a unique QR code
  • Receive notifications when a task is completed, thus increasing staff productivity
  • Receive notifications when a disinfection cycle has been interrupted by a person entering the space during operation
  • Receive alerts when the lifespan of any UV-C lamp is coming to an end
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  • Produs
  • Breez
  • Volum aer filtrat: 182,5 mc/oră
  • Timp necesar: 25 min / cameră
  • Construcție: Oțel gavanizat, inox(opțional)
  • Lungime undă: 254 nm (spectrul UV-C)
  • Control: Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / Buton fizic
  • Moduri de lucru: Manual / Temporizator
  • Lumină ambientală: RGB + animaţii, 2 zone (sus/jos)
  • Display*: Informații despre calitatea aerului*
  • Produs
  • CoBOT-19
  • Lămpi de putere mare, acoperire 360° - timp de expunere scurt
  • Sistem de management centralizat al operațiunilor de dezinfecție
  • Control de la distanță prin aplicație mobilă în limba română
  • Telefon mobil inclus enterprise-grade pentru rularea aplicației
  • Decuplare automată la detecția de mișcării: 4 senzori de prezență, acoperire 360°
  • Ușor de curățat, ușor instalat si exploatat
  • Opțional: poate fi construit din inox
  • Opțional: poate fi dotat cu baterii